die kutsche der musen
chariot of the muses

performance with two speakers,
joystickcontrolled computer
and audience participation


sklenena louka, brno/cz

photos: david subik

from the recited text:
since parnassus, because of its lovely view has been declared a recreation area for weekendartists,
its former inhabitants, the nine muses, find themselves travelling homeless in a coach across the world.
please imagine: nine, no longer young ladies, each of them devoted to a different fine art, stuffed into a narrow cabin....
...but the drivers seat is empty
thus let me invite you, my most venerable audience, to take the reins in your own hands
and decide youself, where the muse´s journey shall go to today.
you may be shy or courageous, but take the chance to direct the way of those protectors of all arts. they need you!
even the slightest of your motions shall not miss its effect.
i whish you a pleasant journey, ho!

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